Fighting Scene

Author: Iris Samuels McTEar

Scene Outline Used:

This is part of a fantasy book im writing. You can read a draft on storybird, my username is clarissam21 it would mean a lot if you would check it out 🙂

I still can’t believe it, that he showed up right in the middle of the ball, just waltzing in like he owns the place. (I suppose he does, really, but that doesn’t matter. he shouldn’t have been able to get past the wards without Leciliana’s permission.)
he strides in in all of his glory, ice white jacket and pants perfectly spotless.
Sliding through the crowd, I barely noticed him, didnt recognize him.
But then I heard Leciliana scream through our bond, a ripple of power flinging it’self through the air, and his hand is on her chest, right above her heart, spreading Ice through his fingertips and into her veins.

I hurl myself across the massive room on a wave of blackness and throw Volikain to the ground, shackling him to the floor with the stars.
The, rushing to Leciliana, I desprately shove as much magic as I can spare without draining myself before the evident fight.
But my darkness offers no warmth. I can’t fix her.
There is onyl one possibility, but hse could die.
I h=shouldn’t, but…I must.
Summoning every ounce of will I have, I force myself into her head, and I take everything.
[you know this. this is supposed to be about he fight. sorry to anyone who reads this, but im not going to write this scene it dopesnt matter]
She gasps, falling against Roma.
I turn to Volikain, and he”s melting the stars.
No one should be able to do that, except…
Except one of the chosen.
He comes charging at me, but bracing myself for the impact of the blow, I raise a thin, transparent shield to block him. Everything is precise, no blows missed on either of our parts.
Everything calculated, like we were trained by the same master.


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