Falling in Love Scene

Author: Glory

Scene Outline Used: http://writethatscene.com/falling-in-love-scene/

‘Do you think we’re ever going to solve this case?’ Selena grumbled, face on her desk.
‘I’ve already solved it’, I replied.
‘Oh really?’ Selena muttered, scornfully ‘you somehow manage to piss off every single suspect, victim or witness we speak to; you’ll probably piss off the next one we get without needing to talk!’ she rolled her eyes ‘in fact, all they’ll need to do is look at you, and they mad!’
‘No one said our job was to be nice’, I replied.
‘Yeah, okay, but you don’t have to be disrespectful or rude, Sergio’, she sipped on a can of soda. Somehow, I always seemed to be caught by the dazzling ring on her finger; dangerously blinding in sunlight, the gem was too big, and in the nature of our work, wasn’t worth wearing.
‘Funny’, I laughed ‘with all the niceness and respect you embody, I wonder how you’re still a virgin’.
‘Oh yeah?’ she stood from her seat ‘it’s funny – with all your good-looks, your charms, with all the girls you’ve ever dated at high school and after high school, I wonder how you’re still lonely’, she walked, crossing my ear, whispering ‘and nearly thirty’, then grinned.
‘It’s been ten years and I still look the same – this face of beauty never changes’, I bragged.
‘Yeah – keep talkin’ peter pan… wait…’ she walked towards me ‘is that a grey hair I see?’ she jeered, touching my hair.
‘No!’ I pushed her arm away ‘it’s just your imagination!’ I grumbled ‘bet I’ll look way better than you even when I’m fifty’.
‘Black don’t crack – I’ll look better than you any day’, she sassed, wobbling her finger, turning to her back. Like a shrewd viper, I waited to attack ‘maybe the day you decide to be OPEN about your half-stone-heart-of-meanness disorder, is the day a girl won’t consider leaving you’.
‘Maybe the day you decide to open your legs, I’ll give that a try on you’. I grinned. Exaggeratedly, she gasped.
‘Oh-ho!’ she scoffed ‘no you won’t’ waving her ring finger in my face ‘but here’s your favourite saying: out of curiosity…’
‘About what?’ I asked.
‘You been acting funny lately, and you don’t seem to be dating anyone – that I’ve noticed’, she snarled.
‘I can get a girl any day I want’, I said. She swung her arm forward.
‘What’s stopping you?’ she replied, a big fat taunting smile on her face ‘he-he, if Priscilla’s your type, find yourself a nice white girl, blonde hair-blue eyes; there’s plenty to go around… on match dot com’.
‘And how are you so sure Priscilla’s my type?’ I asked.
‘Well if the girl you dated for—- ever isn’t your type, what is your type?!’ she croaked, smirking ‘blondes? Browns? Brunettes?’ I frowned… ‘red-heads…?’ as she walked in… I walked. And here we were… hash-tag battle number ninety-thousand! ‘ha-ha’, she scoffed.
‘Men don’t choose types based on a woman’s hair. I expected someone as clever as you would know that, Selena’. Wiped away by our closeness, her smile disappeared. She flinched, now moving backwards, as I moved forward… Of all the battles we randomly chose, I always won. How long was she going to boast about her stupid engagement ring, as if she were more superior than I was? She flaunted herself, like she was the best walking talking thing around here!
‘Okay, Sergio…’ she mumbled, figuring out she had no place else to ‘stop! Geez!’ a pawn from the chessboard was knocked to the ground. Upon my chest, she placed her fortifying palm. As quickly as wax, her excitement melted ‘I am so sorry that the question offended you –’
‘No offence taken’, I snapped. Shyly, she pointed her chin down.
‘Okay – can you stop being weird and back off?!’ she said. I paused ‘you’re right – you’ve got this case solved – somehow’, she smirked ‘what are you gonna tell me next? It’s in black and white?’
‘Oh – how did you guess?’ I replied ‘you know everything about me’.
‘Damn right I do’, she replied.
‘It just got me thinking… how I know everything about you too…’ I seethed. Suddenly, she frowned ‘figuring you out is like playing a game of chess… I always know your next move’.
‘Oh yeah?’ she whispered, lifting her cute little chin ‘well you don’t even know me as HALF much as you think you think’.
‘I know you’, I replied ‘I know you try to be the nice little girl everyone sees you as… perfect, little Selena’.
‘Hmph! I am perfect!’ Selena bickered ‘not on the verge of anywhere you’re heading anytime soon…’
‘You’re a self-righteous freak!’
‘And so what? We didn’t all grow up on the streets, sharing dorms with nine-hundred people’.
‘Well I’m sorry – not all people get to have a family that doesn’t die or blatantly run away!’
‘Well not all people choose to sleep around to make sure the exact same thing keeps happening!’ she rowed, folding her arms. Was she being serious? Where did all that even come from? At this point, Selena was meant to be happy alone, that one day she would be happily married, but instead she was picking a fight, as if I’d already got everything I wanted in life!


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