Dying Scene

Author: Glory

Scene Outline Used: http://writethatscene.com/dying-scene/

A light! Xena opened the doors to the roof. One last set of stairs to go… With all his might, Josh tried to run at the pace I was. With the adrenaline than burned inside of me, I couldn’t stop! Light from the open door was diminishing… We barged ourselves through the doors –
Every sound at this point muted, every vein in my body shivering… not even hearing myself, I screamed! The only thing I heard… was a high-pitched ringing… my own tormented conscience!
It was too late.
The rook had crossed the wrong pawn. I kept screaming – I couldn’t stop screaming! Blades of crucifixion gnawed right through Xena’s stomach, her internal organs, and back out the other side. Three blades welded into her… she fell to her knees. Relentless blood soaked her grey vest, spilling to her orange jumpsuit. Just like the murder in the kitchen, I thought I could do something to stop her from losing blood last moment. In my arms, I caught her body.
‘Xena!’ I squirmed, almost soundlessly. To heaven, her glittery eyes gazed. Wordless utters, agonizing and dreadful utters strained from her mouth. Blood and saliva trickled like a fountain from her mouth ‘no, Xena, no – Xena! NO! XENA! Stay with me – please’, I cried, tears already blurring my sight. She said nothing ‘I love you, Xena – I love you! I love you! I love you –’
‘Amy!’ called Josh, pulling me away. I refused to move.
‘Stay with me, Xe, please!’ I squealed, like a dreadful baby ‘I LOVE YOU! You can’t leave me here, alone! YOU CAN’T! Xena. Xena. Xena! Xena?! XENA! XENA?!’ I was losing my voice screaming.


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