Wake-Up Scene

Author: Iris Samuels McTEar

Scene Outline Used: http://writethatscene.com/wake-up-scene/

-Jewl’s POV-
I slowly wake up, opening my eyes. Sunlight streams through the open drapes, I yawn.
I roll over, expecting LEciliana to be tehre, still sleeping, but she’s not.
I lisrten hard for the sound of the bath running, or of a door sor something, but there is nothing.
She’s usualy quite enough not to wake me, o=even enough to the point where I can’t hear her, but she always leaves a note or something, knowing I’ll worry.

I wait for a minute-five-ten-but nothing.
I know that she can handle herself, and she’s probably just up early to train but…
She never wakes up early if she can help it.
I get out of bed, a know of anxiety in my stomach that I know has no reason to be there-she knows the palace more than anyone-yet still… A tangle of worry knits in my gut. It’s stil early, and it’srare that she wakes up this soon unless she doesn’t sleep at all.
Maybe she just wen’t to train, or had a meeting, or an emergency court meeting, but they would have told me…

I check the numerous balconies, but nothing. I check all of the rooms, the bath is full but not fresh, a few papers left on the desk in the library, a gown laid out for this evening. I think of every possibility, but there is nithing I can think of that would demnd her immediate attenion short of kidnapping, but not her, and I definently would have woken up for that…I shake the though out of my mind.
I scribble a note down and send it.
‘Where are you, baby?’
five minutes later, a response comes fluttering down, not in her script, but cramped, neat writing, an adress.
I dress swiftly, sending out the signal to Whryolite and Meli, careening througb the halls, we converge at the Palace walls.
“What’s going on?” They both look disheveled, meli clutching a cut of tea.
“Leciliana,” I gasp, catching my breath, “She’s not here, btu look-I think she’s at this adress.”
I show them, and Whryolite curses. Calls a cairrage to take them there.
It’s still dark out.

The ride is too long.

The ride is too long.
At last pulling up at a ramshackle building in the slums, We hop out, walking up to it and drawing out weapons.
“You sure this si the place?” M4li looks at me.
“Yeah,” I say, glancing at the address again. “Pretty sure.”
I push the door open, and the smell of opium floods my nostrils.
I cough.
“What the fuck is she doing here?” Whryolite’s eyes are pained.
So are Meli’s. “NOt again.” she murmurs.
“Not again what?” I demand.
Meli opens her mouth to respond, but a woman steps through a curtain at the end of a hallway.
She takes on elook at us, and frowns. “Shouldnt you posh type be at a better one?”
I open my mouth to ask what she’s talking about, but Meli steps on my foot. Hair.
“Actually, we’re here to pick sme one up.” Whryolite smoothly steps up to block my view.
The woman raises her eyebrows. “Name and age?”
Katana Navan, twenty two.”
nodding, she leads us through the curtain. “What? we’re looking for Le-”
“I know. She uses that name for…things she would rather not be descovered doing.”
There are bunks filled with people mostly passed out, muttering in their sleep, and cushen scatteres on the floor with more dozing people.
Their eyes ar red.
Their faces gaunt.
I scan the room, stepping in between bodies, intil I spot her on on eof the beds, white hair tangled, hood pulled low.
She’s only half concious.
I shove her over, shaking her awake..
“Baby. baby it’s me. Wake up.”
She goans, bloodshot eyes fluttering open.
emty eyes.
Eyes filles to the brim with drugs.
“Why are you here?” words slurred.
“I’m taking you home.”
“but I like it here. s’nice.”
“Come with me for now. I love you.”
I slin her into my arms, anger, and understanding, building iside me.
We put her back in the carriage and start to the palace, and I drift back into sleep, dreams filled with smoke and pounding headaches.


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