Court Scene

Author: Glory

Scene Outline Used:

What happened the day you met him?’ Selena asked.
‘He… drove me home. I invited him in. In my kitchen I was preparing something… until I turned around, and his palm, gnawing into my thighs, clutching my ass…’ I looked at Selena, but she wasn’t focusing on Mrs. Graham, she gazed elsewhere ‘right there… in the kitchen… he raped me!’ In shock, I sat still… Selena sat still. Neither of us said anything in response.
‘Mrs Graham…’ Selena mumbled ‘is he still out there?’
‘I don’t know where he is – and I don’t really care what he does’, she snapped ‘but it’s not about him… he’s not the one that sent me the envelope from T. ∀… After I became pregnant, and had the baby… I-I gave him up for adoption. Please – I haven’t even told my kids this-I’
‘It’s okay, Mrs Graham’, said Selena ‘please continued the story… this is all confidential –’
‘Was he adopted?’ I fired.
‘Sergio!’ Selena grumbled beneath her voice ‘not relevant!’
‘No-no, it’s just a general question’, I said, trying to be soft ‘well?’
‘I-I…’ Mrs Graham replied ‘I believe he was –’
‘By who?’
‘Erm…’ Mrs Graham pointed her chin down ‘erm…’ Again Mrs Graham started tearing up. I couldn’t take it. But she looked upon Selena, reverting all her trust to her, sniffling.
‘Are you sure Mrs. Graham, you didn’t just leave anywhere you felt like? Are you pretending he was adopted?!’
‘Sergio – stop –’
‘Just to cover up the fact you never raped in the first place, and you had three more children after the man you left thirty years ago, because by marrying the Mayor it would boost your political career – huh? Are you sure didn’t abandon your child just for the fortune of being beside the Mayor?!’
‘That’s enough!’ Selena growled.
‘You didn’t just leave that man, and that child, to pursue a better life, to escape your shady past, secret life?!’
‘I…I…no! No!’ Mrs Graham sobbed ‘No!’ Then, I banged my fist to the table.
‘Don’t deny it! You knew T. ∀! This secret man that you’re trying to pin it on, or the child you had, they probably don’t even exist – you made them up to cover up for the fact that you are one of T. ∀’s pawns! You wouldn’t have been paid by him if you didn’t work for him!’
‘No-no! It’s not made up!’ she cried.
‘If your rape story is not made up… who was your son adopted by?’
‘Please – stop! I don’t want to talk anymore!’
‘You signed the papers right? Did you even care to give him a name?!’
‘I –’
‘Was he even adopted?!’
‘By who?!’
‘By…by…’ tears became fountains from her eyes. At this point I didn’t care how emotionally impaired she was, I wanted to break her. Emotions were a show, only to support lies! ‘by her!’
‘Mrs Stevens?’ said Selena, watching Mrs Graham point to the oblivious woman outside.
‘Yes-yes!’ she winged ‘yes!’
‘Really?’ I said with curiosity ‘have you ever told her she adopted your son before?’ I asked.
‘Don’t tell her!’ Mrs Graham cried ‘you said this meeting was c-confidential! Don’t tell them!’
‘You know what? That wouldn’t be quite a bad idea… maybe I should go tell them right now…’


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