Spooky Halloween Stories

Writing Prompt #1

Author: Nicole

I felt the chill of the wind on my neck, as i walked toward the mansion.
Many said it was haunted, but I wanted to find out on my own if it was true.
The closer I got, the stronger the wind got, almost like a warning to stay away. I contnued to walk, ignoring the cracking of sticks breaking, and the sudden silence of nature and heavier wind.
I finally got to the front door. It opened on its own, like it was expecting me. The gargoyle knocker seemed to follow me as i walked slowly inside.
As I looked around I noticed the furniture was draoed in white sheets and they were dusty. As I walked into the living area, the front door slammed. I jumped and turned around at the sudden slamming of the door.
Before i had the chance to turn around, i felt something warm running down my chest. When i looked, all I saw was blood soaking my new pink blouse.
I now live in this haunted mansion. You can visit anytime you like. We accept anyone 🙂


Author: Narjis Fatima

It was the eve of Halloween. Almost every house in the town was decorated with carved pumpkins and hanging bats. The streets were deserted as everyone was inside their house, either partying or getting ready for a party. A girl, dressed in a white blouse, was roaming on the streets. Her eyes were blood red and face was pale white. The clicking of her shoes was the only voice in the creepy night as she made her way to the haunted mansion on the outskirts of the town.

The mansion was surrounded my thick and thorny bushes making it difficult for the people to enter it. But since the girl was small, she stealthily made her way to the porch with just a few bruises that added effect to her costume. The door automatically opened and she made her way inside. The furniture was covered in dust and cobwebs, the floor was sparkling clean. Everything about this mansion screamed creepy.


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